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Nutritional Therapy

Reducing inflammation naturally.

In the early 80's I became aware that my body didn't like certain foods. Whenever I ate bread, a sandwich, pizza or had some pasta my stomach blow up and I felt tired. The trouble was I loved these foods. They were quick and simple, cheap and everywhere. At that time there were no gluten free options, so unless I wanted to stand out and be labelled as someone a bit odd who made a fuss, it was far easier to go along with the status quo and suffer in silence.

In the mid 80's I started food combining following Harvey and Marilyn Diamonds' 'Fit for Life' programme an updated version of the Hay diet of the 1950's. I lost weight and the aches and pains in my limbs that had started when I was 13 years old lessened, the tiredness lifted. But of course eating out was an issue.

As the years have gone by our food has became more mass produced, pre-prepared, pre-packed and globally sourced. The wheat that was grown 50 years ago has far less in common with the wheat grown today than you might think. Ongoing developments in creating disease resistant strains and higher yielding varieties containing more gluten to fullfill the needs of a global market, has lead to gluten sensitivity and intolerance sky rocketing. Unless specifically made for the Gluten Free market it is almost impossible to find a pre-prepared meal that does not contain gluten in one guise or another. (some indian meals being exceptions) Our bodies have not had time to evolve to process the increased bombardment of this substance.

Research shows that gluten is one of the main contributing factors to Autoimmune Disease. When the body is intolerant it reacts by becoming inflammed and that inflammation blocks other functions from taking place. Autoimmune Disease shows up in many ways Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzeheimers etc. Eliminating gluten and reducing and increasing the intake of other natural food stuffs can go along way to relieving and in many cases rectifying an autoimmune condition.

Perhaps this experience might resonate with you:

'For years I had been living a very fast paced life, surviving on very little sleep, doing the work of 2 and at times 3 people, eating a poor diet and travelling extensively. As the mental and emotional stresses grew and even more was asked of me, my body started to give out and I had no choice but to resign from a job I'd loved in the spring of 2011.

Quickly I found out that I had kept going for far too long and my autoimmune system was hugely compromised. The skin on my body errupted in large blister like hives and my blood work was all over the place. I was exhausted but slept erratically, my body ached in so many different places, I had no energy, I couldn't concerntrate on anything for more than a few minutes and I went from one day to the next in a fog. I became lacklustre, I had no interest, no verve, no drive.

Changing my diet has changed my life! It's a big statement but true. It's taken time and is an ongoing trial and error process and not every day do I want to be good, sometimes the occassion takes over but now I know the good options that are out there and the good options to make when faced with a meal created by someone else. I'm looking after myself as if I were looking after the person I love and care for most in the world and so I make better choices.'

During a Nutritional Therapy session:

Each session is completely tailormade to your needs. We work together towards improving your health, increasing your energy levels and alleviating additional symptoms that you may have. Being open and honest about the food you consume is essential for progress to be made. This is not about weight loss although that might be a side effect, this is about improving the quality of your life by the natural food choices you make. We look at the foods that you are eating, the health challenges you have, find solutions and work through any recurring themes that hinder progress.

First and Second appointments are 2 hours long - fee of £90 each
Subsequent appointments are £45 per hour


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