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ELLA Healing - Healing for Adults, Children & Animals

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ELLA Healing is an expression of the innate intelligence of the universe which can be described as God, Love, Source and Universe. Connecting to and interacting with these healing frequencies occurs regardless of one's religious views.  Vibrational frequencies of energy, light, love and awakening can bring balance to our bodies on all levels - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - helping us to return to vibrant, healthy, happy lives.

We are all holistic beings and as such our overall health and wellbeing is not just the result of achieving balance within one area of our lives but is a combination of everything we do, believe, feel and are. Being in a state of dis-ease signals that imbalance exists in one or more of these different aspects of ourselves. Someone may present with a physical ailment from which they wish to be healed and they may well receive that healing and in addition find that they have a greater sense of inner peace and mental clarity too.
While no promises or guarantees can be given, I have seen wonderful things happen for many hundreds of people. It doesn't matter what name your disease or complaint is given, all illness is a result of an imbalance and ELLA Healing can redress this imbalance, bringing about the healing that is appropriate for you at that time. It is not necessary to tell me the reason why you've come for a healing session. The innate intelligence of the Universe knows why you are there and it is with that you are interacting. I am there as a facilitator and catalyst.

What happens during a Healing session:

Please allow 1 hour for your appointment.  The actual healing session takes place over 30 minutes during which you will be lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair whichever is the most comfortable for you. A child might prefer to be held by you, quietly play on a mat with toys, or sit in a chair, colouring. If you use a wheelchair you can stay seated in it. Healing sessions are non-invasive and you remain fully clothed. Generally I work 'hands off' and I will be interacting with the frequencies around your body.

All you have to do is close your eyes and relax. When the session has finished I will ask you a few questions about your experience before you leave.

Usually 1 to 3 sessions will be sufficient. The healing frequencies not only work with you during the session but continue after you leave and can bring on-going transformation in the days and weeks to follow.

What happens during a Distance Healing session:

Healing Vibrational Frequencies work in the same way at a distance as they do in person. It makes no difference to the outcome of a healing session for the person or animal concerned if they are actually present in the room with me, or somewhere else in the world.

When a client makes an appointment to have a Distance Healing session, we arrange a mutually agreeable time for it to take place. Usually a client will take advantage of this time to lie down in a quiet, comfortable place and relax and enjoy the experience, just as if they were with me in person. I contact them afterwards to see what their experiences were.

It is however, not necessary for the recipient of a Distance Healing to be aware that it is taking place. A healing is received and accepted by the Higher Self of the person to whom it is offered. Just as you can't 'inflict' a prayer on someone, nor can you 'inflict' a healing. Their higher self relates the healing to them in whatever form is appropriate at that time. So it is possible to gift a healing session to a loved one if you so desire. In these cases I contact the person who arranged for the session to let them know when it has taken place.

What you might experience:

Whilst relaxation is invariably reported, clients often experience other sensations during a session. For example a change in breathing pattern, changes in temperature and involuntary body movements. Sometimes they smell a fragrance, hear a sound, clearly envisage something or feel a sensation or presence.

All of these are sensory experiences that enhance your understanding and awareness. Occasionally people fall asleep and are oblivious to anything occurring until they wake at the end of the session. It matters not, the healing that is right for you at that particular time will come through regardless of whether or not you fall asleep.

Animal Healing

Animals respond very well. I work either In Person or at a Distance and benefits can include, accelerated healing, reduced anxiety, improved performance and freedom of movement.

I've worked with dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep, alpacas and birds! And am open to working with as many other species as I can!


Fee: £45 per session

Listed below in the green footer of this page.  Payment may be made with Cash, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card at the time of your appointment or ahead of time using the Paypal buttons below. 

Payment for Distance Healing is required before the session.


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