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EPC/GDV Biofield Health Analysis

EPC/GDV Biofield Health Analysis measures the Human Energy Field. Developed by Russian physicist Professor Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg University, it has been verified by many years of research and clinical trials.

Used extensively in Russia, this method of Electro-Photonic Capture (EPC) has helped to improve the performance of many athletes including Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the Sochi games. The fingertips of an individual are scanned and within seconds the personal energy field is shown on the screen. Using specialized software this energy pattern signature is linked to the autonomic nervous system activity and reflects the 'real time' balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and levels of functional energy stored in particular systems and organs of the body.

A copy of the results gives you a clear indication of your energy, stress and vitality levels. If you wish, this can then be used as a guide as you undertake your ongoing wellbeing journey by practicing meditation or various forms of complementary and holistic healthcare.

Initial Assessment Fee £45

Comparative Assessment Fee £25

Additional Information: Please avoid heavy meals, any stimulants and where possible medication before coming for your assessment.


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