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Positive Thinking

Conscious Wellbeing enables you to learn techniques that will help you take charge of your life and become the manager of your own thoughts and emotions, creating a happier, more productive and fulfilled life. Gone are the days of being told that our lives are predestined by the genes of our parents and ancestors. Gene pool research with the study of Epigenetics has turned that theory completely on its head and now it is known that only about 5% of our inherited genes are a determining factor in our individual health makeup. So what determines the rest? Our attitude, our underlying belief system, diet and the thoughts we choose to think.

We analysis the way you think and relate to different situations and using a variety of methods, including positive change techniques, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and tapping techniques, reset the many layered onion of your mind without needing to delve into past traumas.

Conscious Wellbeing

Fears and Phobias can be equally as paralysing and can effect the very way we conduct our lives. Some come from past experiences and others can one day appear from seemingly nowhere. The shapes and sizes of these restrictions are as many and varied as it is possible to imagine and for the person living with them they are very real and life limiting. Some examples are:

Panic attacks or fainting at the thought of taking an exam or speaking in public.
Allowing other people's opinions chart the course of your life
Not believing in yourself and your abilities.
Not going on holiday because you can't get on a plane.
Not taking the elevator because you are afraid of confined spaces
Not driving to see a daughter because there are hills restricting the view of the open road.
Not going out of the house because your neighbour has dogs and you might be bitten.
We do not need to delve though your life history or spend endless hours reliving past events. We work with the person you are today and rewire your thought processes to help change your outlook to make for a more positive tomorrow.

Build self confidence, let go of other people and their expectations of you and step proudly into the truth of who you are. It's time to free yourself and move forward.

Conscious Wellbeing session information:

Conscious Wellbeing One to One sessions are available in person.
The first appointment is 2 hours long at a fee of £90
Subsequent appointments £45 per hour


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