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About Helen Parsons


- Helen Parsons -

Hello!  I love what I do and I'm so pleased to welcome you here!

My passion is to help people realise the amazing potential they possess to look after themselves in an holistic way.  This can be with an individual healing experience or when training to access high energetic vibrational frequencies and fine tuning those skills with confidence.  I run regular meditation classes and a number of workshops. 

I grew up with a grandmother who found remedies for most things in the hedgerows and from an early age I was aware of the huge impact the effects of what we eat and how we think has on our bodies and overall sense of wellbeing.  As a teenager I visited an energy healer who reinforced my awareness that we are far more than our five senses and that we each have innate healing abilities to help both ourselves and others.

Initially training as a Reflexologist I worked with clients both privately and within the workplace.  In 2002 I became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and for 10 years I travelled with the team, teaching thousands of people around the world to become practitioners. Visiting more than 26 countries often multiple times, I was the first Associate Instructor in Europe and helped in mentoring and training others to step forward and become teachers themselves. As European Programme Manager, I was instrumental in organising events and taking programmes to a larger audience.  

In 2004 I studied with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and became a Master NLP and Hypnotic Practitioner.

I'm hugely grateful to live in a most beautiful location in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Vibrational Energy Medicine - In Person and Distance Healing Sessions
Healing for the Whole Family and your Pets


Helen Parsons is an inspiring speaker and gifted teacher with the ability to communicate with heart felt authenticity. She conveys complex ideas and concepts in a clear and easily understood way. As a practitioner she is open and caring without being intrusive.

An intuitive healer, she seems to sense what peoples needs are even before they know themselves. She gently guides them in a way that enables them to work it out for themselves, which is empowering.

Her curious and playful manner helps people to reflect in new ways, to see things from alternative perspectives.

Working with Helen will leave you feeling as though you have more clarity and a deeper sense of peace within yourself, as well as helping with physical issues. - Emily Larkin

  • Testimonial for Positive Thinking

    I retired from work with severe depression some years ago. I had been unable to find help with interaction with others, self-esteem and confidence. Having been told of the benefits of Neuro-linguistic Programming I found Helen Parsons' website and contacted her. Helen immediately put me at ease. I feel totally confident and secure with her. I am delighted with the ability Helen has given me and what I am now able to accomplish in my life and relationships with others. Helen has been amazing. Without evoking the harm of painful memories she has enabled me to banish them. Whatever I have thrown at her, she has given me the ability to cope with and overcome. I have also benefited from Helen's healing techniques. She is a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands in which to trust. Helen has helped me walk towards my full potential with a spring in my step!


  • Testimonials for Distance Healing

    Hello Helen and thank you for our Distance Healing session. I am so very grateful we were able to schedule a time when I reached out to you. I have suffered from severe migraines for many years. At the time I had experienced an excruciating headache, neck pain and vomiting for hours already. None of the prescription drugs I had taken worked; I was very dehydrated, already hyperventilating and desperate. I could immediately feel when the session began. My stomach area started tingling. Then I suddenly had the urge to stand up for a moment, a deep sigh came out of my system and I lay back down on my couch. Right after I was finally able to take a deep breathe in and out and the Hyperventilation slowly settled down. Seconds after my ice-cold feet and hands became warm again. Slowly my whole body started feeling warmer and warmer as if the life force was returning. This was a very powerful and amazing experience, nothing I ever tried before had worked. The migraine did not return since then.

    GB- The Netherlands

  • Testimonials for Animal Healing

    My beautiful tabby cat, Zara, is 16 years old, and has had an enlarged heart and deteriorating kidneys for some time.
    Earlier this year it was evident that her health was worsening, she was losing weight and interest in life, so she was taken to a specialist vet. The results showed that her heart was 50% larger than it should be, her heart wall was twice as thick as it should be, and the presence of an unidentified mass in her abdomen. She continued to be unwell, would not eat and it looked as though she would have to be put to sleep. After more treatment that perked her up for a couple of weeks, she appeared to deteriorate again.
    At this time I telephoned Helen Parsons and asked her for distance healing for Zara. On Helen's instruction I put the telephone close to Zara's ear. Her ears twitched a little, then after about 15 - 20 seconds she lifted her head, gave a most enormous yawn and put her head down again. After a further 20 seconds or so, she lifted her head, gave another huge yawn, got to her feet and walked out of the room into the kitchen, where she tucked into her food. I ended the call with Helen.
    A few moments later Zara returned to me and, quite clearly, asked to play. She then played with her toy for several minutes, leaping into the air and rolling over on her back in a way she had not done for months. Clearly, she felt like a different cat!
    Zara continued in good form for five days or so, eating better than she had eaten for months, and wanting to play, then I realised that she seemed a bit lacklustre again. I rang Helen and left a message asking for more healing for Zara, then did some work. When I left my workroom Zara was asking to play and was very perky, so it was clear to me that Helen had received my message and sent healing. This was confirmed when I spoke with her the next day.
    This testimonial was written in May 2007. Zara lived until February 2010 when she died of an aortic aneurism. She was 19.

    -HAP - London, UK

  • Testimonials for Cosmic Upgrade:

    'WoW! It started before you began working on me, my eyes were drawn together and there were contractions around my face – like a mini facelift. Lots of energy around my head, then my stomach and then an electromagnetic pulse in my hands. My body felt like it was being pushed down into the chair and I could feel you working with energetic threads out of my body. I saw flashes of images like old black and white photographs and then geometric shapes, and a splodge of purple as if a droplet of ink had fallen on some paper and spread out. My 3rd eye was pulsating and I could feel my whole energy body expanding and also around my pelvis and hips which have been painful recently. It also felt like my body and especially my hands were connected to a electromagnetic field. I feel really refreshed right now. My whole body feels energized, like a charge to a very tired battery. Today – the day after – my mind is lighter, I'm not stressed like I was before.'

    MW – Norway (by distance)

    Before the session began I remember feeling really agitated, I couldn't settle. Then immediately when you started working on me I became completely relaxed and comfortable. The first thing I noticed was that my stomach started to gurgle noisily and soon after I felt movement out from the middle of my stomach in all directions, a bit like bubbling coming outwards from the centre of a spider's web. Then I was particularly aware of it coming upwards towards my throat and I was aware of a popping sensation in my teeth followed by a metallic taste in my mouth. My eyes were closed but I could see a swirling galaxy of stars spiralling outwards which gradually formed into a tunnel which I was then pulled along. I felt very peaceful and then I fell asleep. When I woke up a few minutes later I felt much more alert and proactive and the same afternoon I managed to get things done that I had been meaning to sort out for ages!' A week on I seem to have let go of my past, particularly long standing fears. I now feel able to let go and look forward rather than back with a renewed excitement.
    JA – Nottingham, UK (by distance)